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Even as a young girl, CF Winn was blessed with a quick wit and smart mouth—useful tools for a precocious middle child firmly nestled between two brothers. Her half tomboy persona allowed her to keep up with her siblings after her family moved from Queens, NY, to Long Island when she was four years old.

Her father was a film editor who traveled a lot, and her mother was a homemaker until her parents divorced and her mother returned to the work force as a part-time administrative assistant.

CF surrounded herself with books and was often chastised for having her head buried in them even while she ate meals at the family’s dining room table. “I lived for reading,’’ she has said. “I was your typical nerd, spectacled, and often spotted leaving the library with stacks of books that weighed me down.”

Although she would often write lengthy letters full of made up stories to her great grandparents, for as long as she can remember, CF longed to own a bookstore. She wanted to share her love of reading and many of the great works she had discovered with the rest of the world.

It wasn’t until high school that her interest in writing peaked. Her AP English class was given an assignment to write an essay about walls. While ninety percent of the class had written about brick and plaster walls, one classmate’s essay stood out among the rest when she described the walls that people put up to protect themselves. CF paid close attention as the essay was read aloud. She was inspired enough to experiment with unique perspectives in her own writing and began compiling a folder full of practice excerpts.

CF Winn left home at the age of seventeen for Stony Brook University, where she took a basic writing class with her roommate. One day, she left to go to the bathroom and when she returned, she heard her professor praising a student’s assignment. “I need to read you a little bit from one paper,” he was saying, “The beginning was so simplistic, yet compelling, I found myself immediately committed to reading more of it after just one line.” The students leaned forward, and he began, “Richard met Roberta in a bar.” Three eye blinks and a realization later, CF was shocked that her professor was talking about her work. She added “less is more” to her toolbox and from that moment on, she applied the philosophy wherever appropriate.

After getting her degree and taking a year to unsuccessfully find herself, she moved back home and was hired as a bookseller at Waldenbooks. Once more surrounded by her favorite things, her life fell into place. She became an assistant manager in only three months and eventually was given her own store to staff and manage.

“There on a tiny desk in the back stockroom. During my lunch breaks, I read as many books as I could get my hands on. My goal was to get through almost every novel in the store, but as I cracked open boxes of new and advance reading copies, I was delighted to learn that because there is so much talent out there, I would never be able to meet that goal. My excitement grew, and I vowed that one day I’d be the author of a great book that readers can’t put down. The kind of book that disappoints them because the story is over.”

CF Winn conceived the idea of SUKI after a couple of personal tragedies almost leveled her. At a young age, when her career was on the move and she was considering an offer to manage her own store, CF was also dealing privately with events that had struck her down.

On a particularly melancholy day, she stayed up all night to create the original ten-page version of SUKI, for a contest that Waldenbooks’ own publishing company was conducting. She didn’t win, and so she was not published at that time, but she was encouraged with constructive feedback. She took it to heart and applied the publisher’s notes while rewriting and polishing SUKI (seven times!) over the next 20+ years. She kept the original manuscript and publisher’s notes to use as reference and inspiration whenever she needed it.

Before SUKI ever saw the light of day, CF Winn was a teacher, a trainer of new technology, a mom, an administrator, a sports coach, and she was briefly married. Much of her unconventional and extraordinary life experiences can be found in the pages of her books.

CF Winn had three children whom she raised as a single mother for the majority of their lives. During most of their childhood, she struggled to make ends meet and give her kids a meaningful life by working in Market Research and in assembly for the New York Times Newspaper. Both jobs required that she be on her feet for twelve hours or more six to seven days a week. She made the most of her time, unwilling to miss any free moments with the three little beings she claims, “saved her soul”. CF Winn spent that time with her kids, organizing experiences that were fun, educational, and offered unique perspectives.

It was during her stay at the New York Times that she was encouraged to write seriously—by her coworkers who enjoyed her narrating style and the quirky stories she told while they worked. Her first published work was Sunday Drives Done Mojo Style, a flash fiction story that won a Word Smitten Storycove Award in 2007. Soon after, her name and likeness were featured in the Gil Thorp comic strip, where her character made at least two appearances.

Inspired by the quick and unexpected accolades, CF Winn took more of her unique experiences and folded them into fictional shorts she lovingly named, THE COFFEE BREAK SERIES—stories that are short enough to be read on a coffee/lunch break or while waiting to be seen at an appointment. The first in the series after “Sunday Drives” is “Kafe Castro”, a comical story, based on true events and set in Denmark. It has been downloaded by thousands of readers in several different countries.

SUKI has become a fan favorite, hugging hearts and healing souls around the globe since 2012. Readers often write in and express their gratitude for the unique perspective and shocking ending that the novella presents. They are eagerly awaiting the sequel, WHEN DWAYNE DIED, which is due out in 2019.

CF Winn writes freelance blogs and website content for different businesses and organizations. She has successfully raised three intelligent and unique human beings who still think it is okay to steal the last Ring Ding and leave the empty box.

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The Coffee Break Series

The COFFEE BREAK SERIES books are quirky, eccentric stories that are short enough to be read on a lunch break or while waiting to be seen at an appointment. When read in order, it is obvious that they are connected by delicate threads, illustrating the idea that all of us are only separated by a few degrees of crazy. These books have been enjoyed by people of all cultures as humor knows no borders.

HAUNTED HOUSE…HAUNTED LIFE (Book Five Of The Coffee Break Series) is based on true events. On Sale Now!


What happens after we die? The answer to that question has eluded us for centuries, although countless mediums, psychics, and scientists have claimed to know.

In HAUNTED HOUSE…HAUNTED LIFE, the dead are resurrected so they can reveal their secrets. Our curiosity is finally sated when we get the story straight from the spirits’ mouths.

Jeanne’s life has never been easy, and thanks to a brain tumor and her best friend, Anna Maria, it doesn’t seem as if her death is going to go any better. The story of her past and present drip with loneliness, regret, and heavy doses of sarcasm that stick to her soul in the afterlife. When she meets Catherine, Richard, and Elizabeth, she learns the hard way that her dad was right – the idea of something is always better than the reality.

Inspired by true events, we walk away with an explanation of what exactly goes bump in the night.


When you are young and in love, there is no reason to think of death, no matter how inevitable it is.
In SUKI, Dwayne and Savannah are planning their life together when fate throws them an unexpected curve ball. These characters are portrayed with humor and honesty as they try to make sense of their imploding world.

The narrator’s powerful voice brings readers along for the ride, keeping them on the outside looking in, as if what’s happening is going on in slow motion and they are powerless to act–exactly the position in which Dwayne and Savannah find themselves.

Award winning author, CF Winn, allows her characters their flaws as they face the consequences of their own decisions and discover what love really looks like. SUKI‘s shocking secret is revealed in a long overdue letter that will make you think about your place and your purpose in this world.

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